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I help businesses uncover, improve, document and automate their systems, so they can focus on the fun stuff! I have helped small businesses create more efficient operations through process improvement, management and automation. 

I love all things process, communication and automation!

But  what does this mean?  Let me explain.

Process and Project Management can be many things. It’s hard to simply state because it can be something different based on the needs of the business… in a nut shell:

I help people and businesses achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.

I work with with my clients to understand their current operations, find the holes and plug the manual processes by automating or supporting them as appropriate.  This is sometimes even a potential need for my team to remain on board to support ongoing manual needs. 

Process automation can include a mix of tools such as, Pipedrive,, Zapier, Quikbooks and Calendly.

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