Operational Support


My love for process and procedures make me an effective operational and administrative support for your business.  Having a deep understanding of how people interact and receive communication aids in my ability to effectively manage and support your ongoing operation. 


I help business owners or brands add more hours to their day and productivity to their business.  With 12 years of experience supporting high level executives and cross functional teams in the fashion industry, I have what it takes to manage your operational projects professionally,  completely and on time.

  • Operational Support list 

    • Writing, editing and proofreading

      • Business, Academic, Business Plans

    • Data analysis and spreadsheet processing

    • Travel coordination

    • Process mapping

    • Operational organization

      • Set up and manage electronic filing systems

      • Set up physical filing systems

      • Office automation

    • Executive support

    • Inbox management

    • Communications drafting

    • Meeting minute transcription

    • Follow ups on action items

    • General bookkeeping

    • Marketing support

    • Slack administration

    • Database management

    • Meeting agendas

    • Contact management

    • Resume preparation

    • Presentation slide and handout preparation

    • Meeting planning and management

    • Reminder and follow up services