Get to Know


An executor.  Expert project leader with a deep understanding of Retail and E-Commerce Operations and Event Management.

Juliana Wise is a dreamer who pushes through difficult or impossible and delivers results.  A high achiever who expertly pulls from her experience in executing events, retail operations and ecommerce projects to save her clients time and money while ensuring that their internal and external brands remain at the center of what she does. 

Having executed projects within a portfolio of brands in the Brick and Mortar and E-Commerce space, Juliana expertly pitches, plans, manages and rolls out initiatives that effect or utilize Marketing, IT, digital, facilities, legal, HR, Retail Operations, Merchandising, Finance and Executive teams.  Juliana’s ownership of her projects and transparent, clear and timely communication style allows her teams and clients to remain confident in the execution of their projects and focus their energy where it matters.

At the Core

I have a deep desire to organize, strategize and plan, to learn, a strong ambition to execute, a love for Excel, the strength to communicate in tough situations, an eye for quality, an instinct to find what matters and an embarrassing love for shoes.


My goal is to make my clients look good.  

I watched my father’s barrier breaking, intentional, inspiring and inspirational yet humble approach to achieving and used his strength as inspiration to be strategic, follow my wildest dreams and never settle.  This drive, coupled with my mother’s creativity has developed my versatile approach to business’s biggest projects and problems.

I believe in compassion, openness, honesty, people first, customer centricity and providing products that help people be themselves.  I live to help people, celebrate people, add value and provide clarity.

My Passion Is...

Growing up I remember the pain of not finding apparel that fit my body well, allowed me to express who I was or made me feel good about myself.  While working at my High School job at a sneaker store in the mall, I realized that the teams who supported the stores for brands all over the world were “Operations” and made it my goal to figure out how to help bring better products to locations across the world. 

It wasn’t until college that I learned the joy that comes from curating experiences.  Throughout my career, I developed an expertise for producing events, ensuring that each second and surface is skillfully planned, providing the hosts, attendees, celebrants or sponsors for events to walk away feeling special and fulfilled.

I enjoy planning, communicating, developing and creating beautiful things, moments and feelings.

What Now...

After 12 years of building an expertise in execution and deep knowledge of the apparel industry I am looking to join or support a brand’s cross-functional strategic projects, coordinate and manage their events or meetings and/or support operational or administrative needs.

I have learned perseverance, tenacity, confidence, poise, leadership and strength.